We offer a range of solutions for off-grid and on-grid applications based on our core Energy Storage product platform alongside with other components as part of overall Decentralized Electricity solution

System and Business Model

We will work with your team to first build a use case for a decentralized electricity system. Our in-house developed tools allow us to model any use-case such as Renewable Firming/Time-shift, Demand charge reduction, PV-DG-Battery Hybrid…based on your data input which could be a year worth data or an average 24 Hr profile. This will form the basis of a high-level System specification which will be used to build a financial business model and an expected ROI.

Hybrid Battery System

While Flow Battery has many advantages over solid-state batteries it is suited for energy application rather than short-term power applications. We have developed a Hybrid Battery system which includes a Flow Battery in parallel to a small power battery where the short term peak load can be met by power battery and the remaining power/energy requirement by Flow Battery. This significantly reduces the cost of overall solution when compared to say just oversizing a power battery for meeting both energy and power needs.

Integrated BMS/Remote monitoring

Our in-house developed BMS and Remote monitoring solutions allows seem-less operation of Battery and monitoring of data and flexibility to tailor operating logic as per customer requirement.

Complete Decentralized Electricity system including Battery/Charge Controller/Inverter

While Energy Storage is one of the key components of the overall system it has to work seamlessly with other components such as Charge controller, Inverters. We work with OEMs of repute of these components and offer a complete solution for both AC/DC coupled system.